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Corporate Details

Wire Transfer Instructions

Beneficiary Bank: (SWIFT MT103 Format Field 57A)
Bangor Savings Bank
99 Franklin Street
Bangor, ME 04401

Beneficiary Customer: (SWIFT MT103 Format Field 59A)
PO Box 220
Perry, ME 04667
Customer Account # 4020166455
Please notify us by email or telephone of INCOMING WIRE TRANSFERS and include the $40US wire transfer fee. All funds must be sent is US dollars (USD) or there will be a delay in processing.

Commercial Documents (PDF)

Form W-9

Credit Card

National Defense
Form 889

Quality Guidelines
ISO 9002:1994

Quality Management
(Approved Vendor List)
We maintain a significant vendor list from companies in North America, Asia and Europe. Our internal buying system monitors and maintains a rating for each vendor based on transaction history. Vendors that fall below a specific standard are flagged and no longer included in broadcast vendor requests.
(Supplier Screening Procedures)
We screen suppliers several ways.
1) Reference feedback is scrutinized and a base line vendor rating is applied to each supplier.
2) New suppliers are subject to a limited purchase amount until they build a significant relationship with us.
3) representatives sometimes meet with the vendors directly to evaluate their ability to supply quality goods in a timely manner.
4) Vendor payments are made in a way that offers recourse in the event a vendor is unable to produce product after payment.
(Product Testing & Warranty)
Each product is inspected and tested prior to shipment. We offer a 90 - Day warranty on LCD Panels, LCD inverters, and LIPS modules. All shipments must be inspected and verified to be in working order before any product is eligible for warranty service. Warranty service is not eligible for any shipments that have not been tested within 14 days of arrival.
(Return of Unsatisfactory Goods)
Any items that do not meet their advertised grade or specification can be returned for an exchange. There are no returns based on misdiagnosed problems, customer cancellations of en route orders, or reasons relating to inverter part numbers when the proper specifications are met. There are no refunds if the parts are not returned to their original point of shipping. Drop shipments of any kind void all warranties.
(Custom Panel Testing)
Testing on many kinds of panels can be purchased in addition to the purchase of LCD panels. However, testing is not a tool to pick and choose which panels may be purchased. The majority of our panels are sold as B grade. They presently work and have been in service previously. B grade means they work properly and could have minor scratches, slight bruises, not more than 5 dead pixels, and possibly reduced brightness when compared to when they were manufactured. These types of blemishes do not affect the unit’s overall performance. It also means many panels may have no blemishes at all. Grading provides the customer a threshold of criteria to meet when rejected items or warranty service occurs. Parts Database Search Tools Order Status Part Quotes Support Options Part Wizard

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