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AGL becomes very first major retailer to launch battery storage

AGL Energy Limited (AGL) today announced it is launching a battery storage device into the Australian market, making it the first energy retailer to do so. The initial offering will be for residential and small business, giving consumers more control over managing their energy consumption.

AGL’s Power Advantage proposition, will include a range of battery storage devices based on lithium-ion technology, making them clean, compact and reliable.

AGL’s Energy Storage Lead, Ed Lynch-Bell says, energy storage is still an emerging technology but is moving very quickly. As such AGL is focused on providing new, innovative and integrated offerings to meet consumers changing energy needs.

"The launch of Power Advantage is another pillar of AGL’s multi-pronged strategy of being a leader in the evolving new energy and disruptive technology space.

"The first device will be capable of storing 6kWh of solar energy and will suit an average family home with 3-4.5kW of solar PV. The battery storage device however could be used in a home without solar PV. The battery will be the size of a large suitcase and will provide consumers with backup for essential home services such as lighting, refrigeration and communications, a welcome peace of mind for potential disruptions of energy supply."

The battery packs, made by a leading international consumer electronics manufacturer and which have been through AGL’s rigorous testing standards, have a long life and are backed by AGL’s extended warranty. A range of attractive finance plans will make energy storage accessible to all.

AGL’s aim is to provide tailored energy solutions for consumers which integrate energy generation and storage. For example, with real time monitoring of a home’s solar power system and the right storage device to suit a consumer’s needs, AGL energy storage devices will enable a consumer to store power and use it when they want.

AGL has plans to develop a suite of products to cater to a range of home and business sizes and types. The 6kwh battery storage device is the first in this range and in the initial phase will be available in limited numbers. Larger battery sizes will be available later this year. People can register their interest for the battery at 

Seeking to improve returns to shareholders and invest more in technologies such as rooftop solar panels and smart meters, the company—which has a market value of A$11 billion—has put its 50% stake in Australia’s biggest wind farm on the block. This comes weeks after AGL said it would phase out all coal-fired power generation by 2050.

The company said a sale of its stake in the Macarthur wind farm in southeastern Australia, which has the capacity to power 220,000 local homes, could bring in about A$500 million. Analysts suggested AGL also might sell its coal-seam gas assets in Queensland state.

AGL’s strategic plan for the period through June 2017 calls for a cut of A$170 million in operating costs and deep reductions in capital spending. The plans represent a shift in strategy by AGL Chief Executive Andrew Vesey, who took the job in February.

AGL shares jumped as much as 6.5% to a record in Sydney after the company said profit before one-time items in the fiscal year ending next month would hit the top half of a previously stated range of A$575 million to A$635 million. CLSA analyst Baden Moore said the cost cuts were almost triple his expectations and could allow AGL to increase dividends.

Electricity companies such as AGL are suffering from weaker demand in part because home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and toasters have become more efficient. In countries such as the U.S., this trend is making it more difficult for companies that produce and distribute electricity to maintain their infrastructure. In Australia, higher maintenance costs have been passed on to the consumer, squeezing household budgets.

AGL said its new strategic plan doesn’t mean the company is turning its back on feeding electricity into the grid. Australia is second only to Indonesia in exports of thermal coal, the cheapest source of power, and AGL said it owns some of the Australia’s cheapest-to-run coal-fired power plants.
AGL is selling its 50% stake in the Macarthur wind farm, Australia’s largest. ENLARGE
AGL is selling its 50% stake in the Macarthur wind farm, Australia’s largest. Photo: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg News

Over the longer term, however, AGL said a desire to reduce carbon emissions and the generation of more power away from the grid will challenge the company’s accustomed revenue sources. The cost of generating power from solar panels on the roofs of houses had fallen about 80% in the past five years, said AGL, which predicted this market will roughly triple in size over the next 15 years.

“In the long term, energy markets will be transformed by new decentralized products and services,” including solar cells, battery storage, connected appliances and smart grids, the company said. Earlier this month, Tesla Motors Inc. founder Elon Musk unveiled a new household battery pack that he said can store solar power economically for use when sun isn’t shining.

AGL wants more exposure to rooftop solar products and to smart meters, which send utilities continuous readings on customers’ electricity use. The company aims to make a million smart connections between now and 2020, and projects revenue from its “new energy” business will rise at a compound annual rate of 45% to A$400 million over the same period.

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Australia is second only to Indonesia in exports of thermal coal. A previous version of this article incorrectly said Australia is second only to Indonesia in production of thermal coal. (May 26, 2015)

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